Today’s 100

Did you take the walk with me last week? You wil remember that I said I had more! The place is the same, but futher down the canal. Just a few steps, but more inspiration. Some of the pictures fit perfectly into the current Weekly Photo Challenge too, but I wanted to keep them for this post.


So, you will have gathered that I’m looking for stitching patterns, colour combinations and design elements. I won’t go through them in quite the same way as before, so refer to that post if you don’t understand what I mean, but maybe you can already see some machine embroidery being inspired by the water in the above picture






It was impossible to take this shot without the sun interfering. However, it introduces another element that might not have otherwise been considered. A sheer fabric can change an underlying element in just this way. A new inspiration?



And this marks the point of the end of this 100. The blue boat that featured last week is just out of sight. However, by just standing still there is much to see.


This pair of swans is resident in these waters. They hatch their young on the far bank each year, they are very curious, and always come to say ‘Hi’.


Don’t let them distract, though, look at the refelections too!



More sheers for the magical effect on the far bank?


The picture above and the one below were taken by just spinning round 180 deg (actually, I don’t do spinning, it was a little slower than that).


We are so blessed to live with such a beautiful resource on our doorstep.

Incidently, we took a walk to the bridge yesterday. Evidence of work shown last week is still there, it is being cleared this week, but the barrier has been removed and everything is getting back to ‘normal’

Thanks for coming on the 100 with me. I hope you will join in. Chris and Barbara did last week, and show that you don’t have to go far to ‘indulge’. Full details are here.

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      1. Thanks, I’ll give it a go on my next post. I also see that there is no link to a larger pic with the new upload facility on WP, will have to look into that. Changes take a while to seep through to me. 😉 Thanks again.


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