Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

Unpredictibly, WordPress threw in an extra photo challenge. What inspires you to blog? Well, if you know my blog you probably know that I have more than one, so this post is really to explain why I have so many, and to hopefully give you just a little insight into what makes me ‘tick’. I don’t often post pictures of myself here, so make the most of these! The next might be a long while coming!!!

Many of my blogs relate to my teaching. I teach adults a variety of textile subjects ranging from the embellisher (a needlefelting machine) to dyeing

with not so swift passes through journalling, and various stitching techniques. These have resulted in a constant hunt for inspiration, and as I find it I photograph it!

Somehow I find myself in all sorts of strange and unexpected places when I do all this

I’ve met some wonderful people, each one an inspiration in themselves.

Home and family are very important too, from the oldest family member to the youngest

I enjoy my time with them, and whether at home or away there is always something to blog about somewhere.

Similarly, meeting up with friends and colleagues brings back memories, and I’ve shared many of them on this blog and on others.

Blogging inspiration can be found anywhere if you look, if it seems mundane, just try to add a touch of humour to the post. Even something like a meal with friends or family can result in an unexpected post.

I believe that surroundings should be your main source of inspiration, so to this end I recently began to investigate an area in close detail. The first few results can be found here. Maybe you would like to join me? To paraphrase Piccasso: ‘Inspiration comes, but it has to find you working.’

That’s why I have so many working blogs!

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      1. Thanks for linking to my blog! Somehow your ping ended up in my spam which I (obviously!) wasn’t checking often enough. How nice of you to give me a nod.


  1. Beautifully said and shown! Picasso seems to have nailed it, not only inspiration, but what it takes to accept it as the gift it is and make something of it .. as you have in a big, big way!


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