Just Curious

I have a question for you today. I want to know –

Does ANYONE  actually USE Google+?

If not – why not?

If you do – what do you actually use it to do? I’ve been trying to find a use for it since it was first introduced……

…… I’m still searching.

Help please, there must be something I’m missing.


25 thoughts on “Just Curious

  1. I’m on there. In fact, I suspect I use G+ more than Facebook, since FB has decided to become an advertising platform. G+ is a true social network. My biggest problem with G+ is that most of my friends resist using it because they say nobody is there.

    So, I have ended up making a whole new network of people all over the world, mostly strangers, who interact with me most days.


    1. Interesting. I don’t use FB much because I just don’t trust it. In all honesty I hadn’t regarded Google+ as a social network. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong…..


  2. I have a google+ … signed up when I got my new Smart Phone. Do not use it. I tried Google Chrome as a search engine and it really messed up my old laptop.


  3. I don’t use it either – it looks too Facebooky, and I’m not a fan of Facebook. There’s no there there in Facebookland – no way to target who you’re talking to (at least none that I can figure out), and no effective way to discuss anything in depth. Too hard to locate meaningful information about how your friends are doing among the chaff of inanity. (And maybe Google+ is better than Facebook in all these ways, but as Gilly says, there just aren’t enough hours available to use them up investigating.)


    1. Well put. The other thing about google is that they are alwa\ys changing things. It probably won’t last anyway – so why bother getting involved.:) Thanks for dropping in.


  4. I’ve joined up & have a profile & have tried to use it several times, but just don’t know where to go with it?? I can’t even work out what my google+ user name is to give to people to follow… maybe its dawn whitehand??


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