Let me introduce you…..

We are having a hard time sorting through my Mother’s things at the moment. She won’t be returning home, so we have had to make the decision to sell the property to pay for her care. Everything we have touched has brought back memories. Sadly we don’t have time to dwell on them at the moment, but these items are being preserved so that we can all reminisce another time.

It’s surprising what you remember, and it’s amazing how one item can be associated with different generations. Of all the items in the house, some of which were quite valuable, the one that my daughter wanted was probably the one with least value. It is a print of a painting in a cheap gold frame. The signature is practically unreadable

and I would love to know more about the original painting.

When I was a child it hung in my parents bedroom. It moved with us to two further properties, and after I married and left home it moved again with my parents – to two further abodes. It was part of my early bed-time routine. Carried from room to room I would say ‘Goodnight’ to a series of familiar artefacts, this picture was the end of the ‘tour’

He has certainly seen better days, but my daughter too remembers her stays with Grandma, and how she too was taken gently to bed, and always with a final

‘Goodnight Pierre’

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  1. This is the print that hung in my childhood bedroom – lots of memories. You’re dealing with some difficult times and it’s certainly not easy. Best wishes.


    1. How amazing! I bet you didn’t call him Pierre, though. No idea where the name came from, but it does sort of suit him I think. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it.


    1. The signature is certainly a foreign name, but I can’t quite make it out. How amazing to see it there! Thanks for finding it. Have you stayed there?

      It must be very hard to look at those paintings. I hope they bring you happy memories.


  2. I have been where you are Myfanwy and I know how hard it is. We parted with a lot of things that we had no room for and all the while the memories kept coming as we emptied drawers and cupboards. We continually have to reassure Mum that her most treasured possessions are safely stored and that other treasured things were shared with friends.


    1. Our situation is very similar, Julie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s amazing at how many memories can be evoked by a small item. I’ll probably share some of these on the blog in the months to come. At least we can still treasure the time that we have with our Mothers. Just as well we don’t know for how long. Let’s make the most of it…..


  3. I love the painting. I once wrote a piece which prompted the subtitle “Bits and Pieces”. My question, after Mother died, was what do we do with the bits and pieces of her life…leftover toothpaste…etc.
    It has been years now for me, but I feel your pain. It does not go away easily.


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