Today’s 100

A new theme, or should I say a new meme?

In recent months I have become much more aware of my environment. I’ve lived in the same area for many years, in the same house for several. It would be fair to say that I thought I knew the area well. I often walk, looking for inspiration. Sometimes I’m investigating in local woodland, or around a lake, or just along the roads. It’s fair to say that I’ve seen it all before – but I haven’t properly LOOKED!

So, I started doing it slightly differently. Somewhere along my walk I choose a starting point, and then count 100 paces, really looking at the area as I stroll. I’ve noticed wrought iron gates that I didn’t know were there. Lots of lovely plants that hardly had a glance, 20 pigeons having a party – and lots more.  You’ll be surprised at what you see even if you decide to start at your front gate and just walk 100 steps in one direction.  How far is 100 steps? Not far! For instance ….

I took this picture yesterday. I’m standing at the start of a short path that cuts off a corner from the main road. I took the picture then began my walk, counting as I went.

After 100 I had actually reached the end of the path. You can just see the  main road at the end.

So here’s my first 100. Fancy joining me? I’d love to see what you spot within 100 paces. If you do join in lplease link back to this post or leave a comment below below and I’ll come and visit.

18 thoughts on “Today’s 100

  1. It’s like taking time to breathe & taking a moment… I find people don’t take time to look up & see what’s higher than their eyeline either.

    Gr8 idea, looking forward to seeing some results-:)


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