Autumn Fun

I’m not dodging the issue, but there is no revelation of the contents of yesterday’s packages as the parcel has yet to be delivered! Sadly Royal Mail let down the recipient! So, I thought I would give you a little glimpse of what I did today.

The day started well with a good meeting with a friend and colleague. It’s always good to meet with like-minded people, and today we were both very much on the same wavelength. I will have more to tell you about this in the future, but our meeting had to be curtailed. A quick dash homeward was needed for grandmotherly duties. Here is the recipe for some fun, but I forgot to take pictures all the way through. (You will have to use your imaginations)

Wash hands well and make sure they are really dry, then crumble flour and butter together. Mix a little sugar in there too, but only as much as Grandma says!

Take one apple picked from Grandpa’s tree. Watch while Grandma peels and slices, then carefully arrange in the bottom of a dish. Watch again while Grandma repeats the operation with an apple from Daddy’s tree, arrange these slices on top of the others. Now sprinkle a generous portion of blackberries hand picked with Grandpa over the top and then sprinkle with sugar. Grandma will say ‘Not too much’ again.

Next use a spoon to put the crumbly mixture all over the top.


This was fun


Wow it looks good!

Sadly it takes a while to cook, so just time to play Draughts and Tour of Britain with Grandpa while it was in the oven. Grandma took this photo while we played, but she thinks she could have done better.


It was yummy, but Grandma and Grandpa had to go homebefore we all ate it…..

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    1. It was fun to be able to pick the ingredients and do it wit a 5 year old. but it tastes as good with bought ingredients too, You can serve it with cream, too, if you like.


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