A cautionary tale – (or something completely different)

Out of my comfort zone here because I’m admitting a mistake. I’m taking a plunge and writing about it as a result of the Weekly Writing Challenge, which I’ve only just discovered.

Once upon a time there  was a twitterer! A female twitterer. Most tweets by this twit were to promote blog posts like this one, or to advertise new listings in an Etsy shop, nothing very special or controversial. There was the occasional interchange with another tweeter, but always within a limited circle – with tweeters that were also known in another sphere.

One day something really awful happened. It was the stuff of which nightmares are made and it was on every TV channel throughout the land. The twitterer first read about it on Twitter within half an hour of it happening, and was quickly sucked in because it had happened in a part of the country that was very familiar. Announcements and requests for information came thick and fast from both members of the public and also the various police forces that were involved. This was quickly passed on by a system of retweeting and resulted in more and more twitterers following twitterers galore. Some of them even had the name of the subject about which there was concern, and, of course, that should have been a warning.

And so the twittering went on. Day one passed, so too did day 2 and also day 3. By day 4 all of the retweeters seemed like a small happy family, or rather, a not so happy family because there was still no positive result of the tweeting. Frustration began to show, and the very silly female twitterer, who shall henceforth be called Twit, didn’t just retweet but made a comment.


Twit’s comment was ‘stolen’ through the ‘quote tweet’ process, altered and broadcast far and near using words that Twit had never previously heard. As a result much abuse and anger was directed towards Twit who was justifiably upset, or, rather, mortified.

So now there are decisions to be made. Shall Twit continue to Twitter? Twit has not responded to any received messages as she is currently still licking her wounds and making sure that any current tweets are only those generated by WordPress or Etsy. Twit is also hoping that reading this message will warn other twitterers that Twitterland is not all it seems. Refrain from making comments. You too might be hijacked. If the result of reading this post leaves you more confused at the end than at the beginning it’s safe to say you are one of the few people who don’t know about Twitter. Keep it that way. Stay away!

22 thoughts on “A cautionary tale – (or something completely different)

  1. Oh dear, thanks for posting this. It’s easy to get blasé about FB and TW but it’s a big bad world out there full of weirdoes. I used to be addicted to FB but rarely status update now. Like you my blog is link posted to both and that will do for me!


    1. I’ve been wary of FB for ages, still have a love/hate relationship with it, but I (sorry Twit) was really sucked in with this one.


    1. You hear about sick people on all sorts of social media, but this was a shock.

      Can you tell I live a sheltered life? 😉


    1. Sadly this wasn’t just ‘fluff’. I’ve had good sales as a result, it seems to work for Etsy, which was why I joined in the first place, and WordPress has been good too. I hope this will result in it being a little safer for at least one more person….. Thanks for popping in.


  2. I’m a ‘half-twit” meaning only retweet or post links.. Yeah I can see how one wrong tweet can end up in a 3 ring circus then Voila, you are banished to the twitter time out chair.. I don’t make light of your case we can only laugh & learn from hindsight..


  3. Reblogged this on So Much More TO Learn… and commented:
    Twit should keep twittering as individuals like me enjoy their chittle chatter etc…

    Don’t let one bad experience put you off, you have learnt now carry on with a wiser head.

    Sad Twit is upset so sending cyber hugs. Don’t let the nasties win-:)


  4. Tried to leave messages but can’t. This is 3rd attempt…

    Twit should still tweet, learn from this awful occurence but know there are still good caring people on Twitter, it’s not all bad.

    Sending Twit cybers hugs as think she needs them-:)


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