Learning Something New Every Day

I enjoy learning. I try to learn something new each day, maybe the name of a plant or flower, but really my interests are diverse, so a new historical fact etc is equally interesting. The only thing in which I have no interest is sport. Give me a sporting fact and I will be asleep before you have got as far as the third word. I can remember most things, but sporting anything will probably be forgotten before I get to the end of this post. There are a few things I remember, but they won’t be of interest to anyone else. However, I digress, I’m trying to tell you that I enjoy learning, so waffling on about something I don’t enjoy is wasting valuable space on the  page.

So, here are three of the things I’ve learnt today. It might be information that you will find useful in the not too distant future, and of course you can always share it with friends and family so that they too can have life changing experiences

1  You can’t peel an apple with a cheese knife

2 If you want the oven to get hot you first have to turn it on

3 There is no ‘undo’ button on a WordPress post.

Undo? Yes, if you write a post and unwittingly delete it before it is  published it’s a very long process!

11 thoughts on “Learning Something New Every Day

    1. ‘Should’ is the operative word. Our internet is very slow at the moment – the road is under siege by telephone engineers. Sadly, by the time the draft was saved it was an empty post…….. Most frustrating. Maybe I’ll start a ‘Please can we have an undo’ campaign. It will probably be fullfilled at a faster rate than our internet supply…..


    1. Good idea, Gilly, but I was using a computer without a text program. It wasn’t this post but one on another blog. I’ve logged in on a different computer today, so I’ll start again.

      Actually, though, an undo button could be useful…..


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