To Infinity and Beyond

We were woken by the sound of a lorry. Manoeuvring in our road isn’t easy. It was laid out in Victorian times when hand carts and shanks’ pony were the order of the day.  Park the odd car, and a lorry can get stuck. This one wasn’t stuck, though, it was delivering. Barriers…. What on earth? No-one knew, and this was apparent very quickly. The lorry went, then returned. More barriers, pipes and grit.

That was yesterday. Parking for some residents was a problem overnight, but we weren’t affected. This morning the barriers still stood, but we saw no evidence of work.

Until just before lunch today, that is.

Two hours later it was all over. The end of work for the day, but more to hopefully come

Tomorrow is another day. I wonder what will happen. All for BT Infinity.

5 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond

  1. we had that problme for months last year when they were re laying the gas main and the entire street was blocked off – the workmen were quite sweet though, as a couple of weekends I had events to get to and they cleared a path for me to get to my van to the front door and load stuff. one time they even switched everything onto silent for five minutes so I could bring the cat out for his vet visit without terrifying him with all the noise


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