Remembering the ‘A Team’

Do you remember the A Team? I haven’t seen it for years and haven’t given it a thought. Until this morning, that is, so I’d be obliged if you will quietly hum the signature tune while I tell you about my early morning exercise.

Now, you didn’t know that I take early morning exercise, did you? This morning it went a little like this

Stealthily sidle along the wall to the corner

Peer round, quickly to the right and left.  All clear. Green for GO!

Run to the boundary, quick swerve and through the exit, round the car, rapid roll over the bonnet and down onto the ground. Still…. watchful, waiting, listening.


Slow but cautious creep across the road, head down, pause behind parked car to get my bearings.

Quick dash, up to speed, never mind the lactic acid, this is serious. Round the boot of a cabriolet, duck down behind the fence and rapidly approach the gate.

Wrestle with key in padlock. Trying to do it silently, head down again, open gate and another sidle, this time down the fence until I can see my target.

Stop.  Listen.  Silence.

Last dash

Across the patio, onto the step, quickly unlock the door and


Yes, it was down the road to feed the cat while a neighbour is away. It’s hard work avoiding chats with dog walkers who have lots of time! If only they would wait until evening – much more time to chat then!

Now, job accomplished, all I had to do was reverse the proceedings.

So, continue to hum, please while I …….

Tomorrow I’m definitely building a tank.

8 thoughts on “Remembering the ‘A Team’

    1. Oh, his tank building was nothing in comparison to that of the A Team. Who needs paper and a paperclip when you have a full set of oxyacetylene equipment in your breast pocket! Take a look on YouTube 😆


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