Eyes Down

I have a dream. To be honest, it is more of a nightmare. It has woken me in the middle of the night, and it gives me a cold sweat. The country is covered in huge marquees. Each day they are filled with the elderly, ushered to the venue by coach.  The object is to entertain them, to keep them occupied, the proceedings are led by white teethed, sequin jacketed men of a certain age who are really more interested in chatting up the young visiting social workers than the elderly. There is only one activity on offer, and everyone must take part. There is no choice – it’s BINGO or else!

I hate the game. I hated the game when I was young and it was called ‘Housey Housey’. It is an insult to presume that everyone wants to play it, but it is the game of preference in residential homes all around the country. I sincerely hope that my dream doesn’t become a reality, because ‘Eyes Down’ is the cry, and I have my own version.

I played it today. It was a glorious day, and it was a pleasure to be outside. I went for a walk, to enjoy it, and also as an excuse to play with my camera. I normally make the most of my surroundings by looking in all directions – up, down, from side to side, looking for – well, just whatever is there. Today, however, the walk was in a neighbourhood that I know very well, and as such was very much an ‘Eyes Down’ walk. It’s surprising what you see when you focus on the area under your feet – and here are just some of the (un)expected things I found.

We have had roadworks aplenty recently. Now it would appear that the pavements (sidewalks) are about to receive the same treatment.

This little gem was a surprise. Found right at the edge of a busy road.

Could this be from the postman? Whatever can have happened to the red ones they have used for so many years. Maybe they have come to the end of their original supply!

At least I knew I was on the right track when I found this one,

but by the time I came across this I knew it was time to move homeward for a cup of tea. Have you ever had an ‘eyes down’ walk? Let me know if you try it. You might find more than you think.

9 thoughts on “Eyes Down

  1. Very interesting post. I’ve been riding my bicycle a lot and have been noticing the plethora of odd markings along the roads and trails – some are identifyable as utility markers or remnants from runs, but many are mysterious.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks for commenting, Bill. I like to note them as they are often the source of some inspiration in artwork. It’s so easy to ‘see’ our surroundings without actually looking, especially when they are familiar..


  2. Just had one of those markings at the end of the street where we exit onto the main road. Sure enough, the newly paved main street was torn up to do whatever they do underneath the surface of that newly pave street!

    Entertaining post.


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