How to win a man’s heart

It is a well known genetic fact that the way to a real man’s heart is through his stomach. ‘Is that all you have to tell us’ I hear you say, well, yes – and no……

For some reason a man’s stomach often seems to respond more to some ingredients than others.  Steak? Yes!  Lettuce? No!  However, there is one ingredient that will soften the heart of even the hardest man.  Chicken?  Spices?  Alcohol?  No!!!!!!


Add to that some simple ingredients like potatoes and bacon and I can assure you that you have a winner!  Shall I be a little more specific?

Scrub a large potato (no need to peel.) Cut it into slices and boil it until cooked. Drain and leave on one side.

Slice or chop an onion, toss it into a pan and brown it lightly.  At the same time add some bacon – in strips, cubes – whatever takes your fancy, or use some chorizo for a change

Yuk! Chorizo adds lots of flavour, but so much fat….. Make sure you drain it well on some kitchen paper, onions too, before going on to the next step.

Now you need a baking dish and some cheese…..

Not the cheapest here in the UK, and not the easiest to find, but worth the search. If you can’t wait, or can’t find it, don’t despair. Use something like Brie instead – and to make it go further you can always add some Cheddar.  You probably won’t need any seasonings as there is a fair bit of salt in both the cheeses and the bacon/chorizo.

All ready? Now you need to start layering. Bacon – torn cheese – potatoes. Repeat the layers, making sure that you have enough cheese for the top

Heat the oven to 200 deg C then, pausing just long enough to pour 3 tbsp milk over the top,  pop it in for 20 – 25 minutes.

Now all it needs is some freshly baked crusty bread or rolls

And there you have it.  All you need now is to make yourself a lovely green salad to go with it (he might have some too, so be prepared) and enjoy.  Then…..

…….. it’s the ideal time to present that list of ‘things to do’ that he’s been putting off for a week or so.

(Or at least, that’s how it works in our house 😉  )


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  1. Heck, that’d go a long way towards winning my heart too! I can practically smell that all frying then baking. Oh, yum!!!


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