Store-cupboard Supper!

It’s always useful to have something up your sleeve for one of those nights when there is hardly anything in the cupboard.  This is one solution to the problem.  In fact, it’s tasty enough for a not so emergency meal too.

Slice an onion and cook it in a small amount of olive oil until it just begins to colour.  Add a chopped or crushed clove of garlic and cook for just a little longer.  The onions need to be cooked, but not too brown.

This is the secret ingredient, and it is something I always keep in the cupboard, just in case…

Yes, it’s a heavy sweet dessert wine, and it adds unexpected yummy flavour.  Add a small wine glassful to the onion/garlic mix and simmer to remove the alcohol.  In an emergency (ie no Marsala) you could always leave this out, but the flavour isn’t the same……

Once the alcohol has gone add a whole tin of chopped tomatoes.  Of course, if you aren’t just relying on your store-cupboard you could always use chopped fresh tomatoes….

Mix well and heat until the sauce begins to thicken, now it’s time to start cooking the pasta in another pan.

Once the pasta is boiling start to flavour the sauce with salt (if you use it, not much, just a little and I prefer sea salt) black pepper, paprika and (preferably) freshly chopped herbs.  These came from the garden.  Basil is good, or parsley, or….. well, use what you have, dried is acceptable too, but add these at the same time as the tomatoes.  Mix well together and simmer until the pasta is ready

Pasta ready?  Drain, leaving about 1tablespoon of liquid in the pan.  Add a smallish dollop of cream cheese if you have it.  This isn’t compulsory, you could use butter or olive oil instead – or even Greek Yogurt…… or nothing.  Stir well to make a creamy coating on the pasta.  Divide between two plates and ……

…. serve with the tomato sauce on top.  Add a little grated cheese if you wish, Parmesan, Cheddar, whatever you have.


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  1. Sounds delicious. Looks dreamy. Such fine fare as an emergency meal! I will add a bottle of Marsala to my store cupboard right along side the Kirsch and Brandy. It’s where I also keep all my recipes and cookbooks … this recipe is printed and stored there and ready to try! Thanks


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