There’s nothing like a good fight

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the sight of blood.  I can cope with it, and have had to on many occasions, all mothers’ have to be able to cope with emergencies, but I don’t like the sight of unnecessary blood!  You know, the sort that is spilled in an argument.

There is nothing like a family get-together to ‘bring on’ the prospect of a fight, and usually it’s over the most ridiculous of things.


For instance, how on earth could you start an argument over a scone?

Well, firstly, how do you pronounce it?  To rhyme with ‘on’ or ‘tone’?  I’ve heard it pronounced to rhyme with ‘soon’ too, (similar to the Stone of Scone!).  Next, should there be fruit, or just plain?  How about butter?  Should you use it?  Should you leave it out?  Don’t forget the jam, should it be strawberry or raspberry?  I’m sure you all have preferences, but they don’t count when there is a RIGHT way to do it.  Add another dimension to the argument by mentioning Cream Teas, especially if you have representatives of both Devon AND Cornwall (or should that be Cornwall AND Devon) in the room and fireworks will follow at any moment.

By the time you read this I may well have experienced just such a fight as above.  It might well be cake knives at dawn, but I won’t be drawing mine.  We have an interesting family mix gathering today for a lovely wedding.  There will be 100 or so guests.  I’m looking forward to seeing the 100 – it’s the ‘or so’ I’m worried about, and all families have those!

Now, where did I put those bandages?

2 thoughts on “There’s nothing like a good fight

  1. Scones are the ultimate comfort food – wonderful no matter how you eat them. Our family always used unsalted butter and currant jelly – but lemon curd is tasty, too, for our English friends! My Scots Nana made “girdle” (griddle) scones (said “scons” – the way I learned it “Scoon” was for the castle & stone only!), and we ate the warm sweet biscuits as soon as they were cool enough! I still use her recipe! Hope your wedding gathering went without any problems!!


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