Way back in June I showed you this picture, in this post

The post was a little cryptic, and I never did tell you the purpose of the moo cards.  Now, however, I can take it a stage further.

The day had been a busy one.  Firstly, it was my mother’s 94th birthday.  We had visited in the morning, which is the best time for her as she sleeps away the afternoon.  During the afternoon we met and entertained our youngest grandson, the one who turned 5 earlier this week (actually, he entertained us, rather than the other way around).  Next we had to ‘hot foot’ it over to the other side of the county for a Private View.

The following photograph is dreadful.  The lighting was atrocious, and there was no room to move.  I’ve only captured a small corner of the exhibit, but this was the entry by our eldest grand-daughter for her exhibition at the end of last term.

She researched the life of a 1950’s housewife.  There were copious notes in folders and files, and photographs galore, including those on the ‘wall’, suitably posed by other students on her course, and taken by our grand-daughter.  The photographs were excellent, and she actually sold some during the evening.  Fabrics were hand printed and all items (except the radio) were made by here.  We were very proud to be there at the private view.

A place at University had already been offered, but following the exhibition she learnt that the status had been changed to ‘Unconditional’.  Unlike many other students she didn’t have to wait for today’s results (which were excellent, by the way) to find out her fate!  Next term she is off to study Writing, Fashion and Culture.  I’m quite envious, it looks an exciting course.  So, the first part has ended, and a new era awaits.  Congratulations, I can’t wait to see what happens from now on.

Signed – a very proud Grandma!

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