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It’s fair to say that you never know what might happen!

Five years ago today we were in the middle of preparations for the Festival of Quilts.  Everything had to be ready by the end of the day, because tomorrow (ie the Wednesday) we would travel up to Birmingham and set up our booth.  It was hard work. Lots of dyeing involved, much ironing, and stock to be sorted, packaged and priced.  Items for display were also in need of preparation – and much more needed to be taken into consideration so that our four day stay ran smoothly.  There was nothing programmed to interfere, and obviously nothing could go wrong.

So, the alarm was set for an early time, but we didn’t need it.  Instead a phone call woke us from our sleep and we discovered that we had become grandparents again.  What?  Impossible!  The birth date was weeks away……….  However, it wasn’t a joke, our new little grandson had arrived with extreme ceremony, and was now fighting for his life in an incubator.

The rest of the day passed in a haze.  We toyed with cancelling our trip to the Midlands, but after family discussion it was decided to carry on as normally as possible.  So, on Wednesday morning we loaded the car and headed north after a visit to the hospital

This image stayed with us throughout the Show, and we kept in touch with regular phone calls.  Fortunately the next few days passed quickly and we returned home to be nearer to the situation.  The days and weeks passed, and finally we had our first cuddle, and eventually he was able to go home.

Under normal circumstances we would once again be preparing for the same show, which starts on Thursday this very week.  However, this year we have a planned wedding to attend, so the show is not in our schedule.  That means that today we can celebrate a Very Happy Fifth Birthday with a lovely happy and healthy lad,

who just loves his new radio controlled car!  What a blessing!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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  1. What a lovely ending to that traumatic story. Sorry to hear that you will be missing the show. I have just finished loading the car ready for tomorrow!


  2. […] Well, it’s ‘that’ time of year again, and no doubt many of you are preparing to travel to Birmingham over the next few days.  This is the 10th Festival of Quilts, and will be wonderful, I’m sure.  How many of you came to our stand five years ago?  If you did, you might like to catch up here…. […]


  3. I shall miss seeing you and Jock at the show, this year. I hope the weather stays fine for the wedding. Lovely to see your Grandson enjoyimng his 5th birthday. Sharne x


  4. How wonderful your grandson grew healthy, strong and beautiful. It warms my heart such a blessing was bestowed on your family. My grandbaby didn’t make it out of ICU, a blessing in it’s own rite. He’d be 18 years now and I send him mental kisses every day! Thank you for sharing this!


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