A confession

It’s no good, I have to confess that I have a problem.  I’ve suspected it for a while, but today it became very apparent.  I’m not sure that it should be called an ‘addiction’, but I suggest you keep yours well locked up if I’m around.

So, what is the problem?




None of the above

I can assure you that these didn’t last long at all….. I have no idea how many I devoured!

But they were delicious.

14 thoughts on “A confession

    1. Ahhhh! Peaches! Now they used to be my weakness but they aren’t available all year round…. See how fickle I can be? Yours are safe at the moment 😉


      1. All the best fruit is seasonal, isn’t it? And it’s not quite time for good peaches here, either. In August, I nearly live on them…after all, I’ll have to go without for the other eleven months 😉


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