Time for a repeat

Last weekend I wrote about the seven things that I wouldn’t be doing!  Well, if I’d thought about it soon enough I would have told you some of the things I WOULD  be doing this weekend.  As it happens, they all occurred yesterday, so this post is too late.  At the risk of repeating myself, here are the seven things I won’t be doing today:

1 Watching tennis at Wimbledon (or anywhere else, actually)

2 Watching the grand prix

3 Watching cricket (I’m sure there is some somewhere….)

4 Watching golf (another inevitability)

5 Watching the cycling

6 Showing any sort of interest in personalities

7 Watching a film

I won’t be doing any of the above partly because none of them interest me, but also because I can’t stand the inane commentary that always accompanies the happenings.  Frankly, I’m shattered.  Yesterday was fun but exhausting, and I have several posts to write as a result.

Today I’m doing none of the above because I’m resting!  I want peace and quiet, my own thoughts, and rest.  Of course, I’ll be blogging here and there, (did you know that you can always keep up here when I remember to add to it) and I might even take a nap………..zzzzzzzzzz

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