Oh, I do like to be beside…

Earlier this year we visited Wales.  I haven’t told you much about it, but I was reminded of a little story earlier as I drank my coffee, so here it is with some photographs.

Llandudno is on the northern edge of Wales.  It is a surprising place, more than a resort.  It is very well kept and has a lovely beach,

a pier, and, amongst other things, a long promenade along which people of all ages pass, taking their daily constitutional

And there too, you have the one problem with Llandudno!

The Gulls!

They are everywhere on the prom.  They are especially bad when there is food in evidence, stealing ices and sandwiches etc.  It is not sensible to eat anything on the prom, and I would have thought that locals knew that….

We repaired to a lovely little cafe.  Coffee and salad were the order of the day, the weather was wonderful, warm, sunny – everything you could wish for at the seaside.  It was a lovely  spot and we enjoyed our meal.

Just before we left a couple of girls in their late teens burst in through the door.  One was obviously in a great state of ‘shock’.  (It was obvious from their rather loud conversation that they were Saturday girls at the cafe)

The agitated girl demanded that someone look at her face.  She had been ‘marked for life’ and was convinced that she had rabies  (yes, rabies).  Apparently they had each bought an ice cream, and hers had been stolen by a gull who also caught her cheek with it’s claw.  This was bound to have infected her, so she knew without a shadow of doubt that she had contracted this disease.  However, it was not this fact that distressed her so very much.  She was absolutely distraught because….

‘There was a bench of old ladies, and THEY ALL LAUGHED AT ME’

The moral?  Don’t laugh AT, laugh WITH!

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  1. Not visited Llandudno for a long time. Not too sure want to go any time soon but i suppose the gulls only come inland in search of food 🙂


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