A Rose by any other Name

If you’ve been following my diary (and I’m willing to believe that you haven’t) you will know that we have been at an Exhibition called ‘Quilts and Roses’.  It is a lovely combination, and we thoroughly enjoyed the first day (today).  The quilts are beautifully made, lots of lovely colours, delightful visitors, and friends galore.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow, but today I thought I’d tell you about the roses.

The rose show was late opening as judging took place this morning.  It is a National Show, and I was surprised at how far some of the entrants had travelled.

Lots of colour, and delightful perfume to fill the air.  Roses really are the epitome of an English summer.  The above is one of the First Prize winners, and there will be another here tomorrow.  However, it was this exhibit that caused a little ripple of amusement.

It was a basket of closely packed fragrant blooms in shades of pink and purple.  Two elderly ladies stood and looked at them for some time, then one remarked.  ‘ Aren’t they lovely.  They are so beautiful you would think they are silk’!

The show continues tomorrow if you want to take a look and make your own observations.

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12 thoughts on “A Rose by any other Name

  1. My favourite roses are cabbage style ones. Really liking these very delicate specimens, they are quite unusual but remind me of hedgerow roses.

    Glad you had a good day & the quilt police didn’t inflict any pain:-)


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