Weekly Photo Challenge – Friendship

I had a few obvious photographs I could use for this weeks photo challenge, but this one struck me as the most pertinent.  How many REAL friends do you have?

This photograph is of a hanging made by my friend Jane Lemon.  She is a textile artist of extreme talent, and this hanging was commissioned by Amnesty International to celebrate 50 years.  The photograph isn’t excellent, but you can find more information here and here.  I’ve also blogged about it before.  It was created partly on the embelliser, with hand and machine embroidery.  It is stunning and very thought provoking when you see it.  Keep your eyes open in case it visits your area.

There are times when it’s more than a friend that is needed.  Thank goodness for Amnesty International.

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31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Friendship

  1. How many real friends? A small handful, and a lot of acquaintances. Suspect many people no longer know the difference.
    Really like your entry – the colour is very powerful.


  2. What a nice way to portray the challenge of “friendship,” with a tangible offering of something she made. I might have to borrow your idea. 🙂


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