The day that the rains came down

Let’s just say that April was a little damp!  Fortunately I haven’t needed to travel much, but last weekend was different, it was the Needlework Fiesta at Brockenhurst.  The motorway journey was accompanied by lots of spray from vehicles, but the landscape was the biggest surprise.  Instead of trees and grass with the occasional New Forest pony, much of the area was transformed into a lake and the camp sites we passed were decidedly empty.  Ironically, the annual Boat Jumble at Beaulieu (just around the corner) was cancelled as the venue was too wet!  I didn’t take any photographs this year as I was moving around as little as possible (shouldn’t have been there, to be honest), but I wrote a little about the event last year.  Our journey home was broken by a delicious meal with our friends Val and Dave, you can see what I had for my starter here, others chose this!

I’ve really missed blogging over the last few weeks, but haven’t been comfortable sitting at the computer.  In fact, I’ve spent more time in bed than I would have thought possible, but after a good rest yesterday I’m feeling much more like my usual self.  Hopefully I’m beginning to get back to normal after the op’, but still no driving.  Thanks for all the good wishes you have emailed.  I apologise if I owe you a reply, or a reply to a comment on the blog.  Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

(By the way, if anyone fancies joining me in Stockport later this month there is a little more information linked from here)

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  1. Wait…what…it was too wet for boats?!?! (Oh, all right, after writing that sentence I followed the link, and now I understand the problem. But it still sounds weird.) Anyway, it’s wonderful to read that you’re feeling better – hope your recovery continues smoothly!


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