Gone but not forgotten……

We couldn’t allow the things to leave without celebrating their visit!

As you can see, they were really excited to visit an Indian Restaurant!

Becoming even more excited when they realised that the Poppadums were all for them!

It didn’t take them long to finish them off.

But soon perked up again when they saw what followed…….

Then it was time to prepare them for their journey 😦

A gentle roll in some special tissue paper, must keep them safe.

Next, a gentle wrap with special string.  We can’t have them escaping en route

Finally, they were popped into a padded cell  envelope

They are now in the care of the Post Office and on their way to pastures new.  I’m looking forward to following their adventures in another part of Europe next.

5 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten……

  1. What a nice farewell dinner. Loved the adventures of the things. Maybe their padded envelope will be returned to the sender (you). 🙂


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