Chapter Two – Almost a Step Too Far

Yes, another post from me today.  Here is the first one, it will explain why there are more than one!

I had hoped that The Things would have a wonderful time visiting attractions like Buckingham Palace and Hampton Court.  However, it’s been a busy time, and sometimes it’s been necessary to leave them at home.  We recently visited a large group of ladies in the West Country, for instance, and I made sure that they were comfortable tucked up in a secure place before we left.

We duly arrived, and set up

The tables were suitable arranged in readiness for the gathering,

and it wasn’t long before they were all filled.

Shopping, lunch and an interesting speaker were the order of the day.

However, an eagle-eyed delegate noticed a movement in the floral display

They were determined not to miss a thing!

They jostled for the best vantage point

One was happy, but the other decided to move again

Of course, they couldn’t stay still for long

And they even tried to escape by hiding in someone’s bag

However, I knew the time to leave had come when they went missing for some time.  Finally I found them, but they really should have known better!

Not only did they have insane grins on their faces, they also had crossed eyes………………!

Chapter Three.

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