Chapter Four – The End is Nigh

If you have been following this blog you will have read this post from last week.  I knew that the time for The Things to move on was fast approaching, so I had a treat in store for them!  This time they were OFFICIALLY going on a trip (official in the sense that I knew they were going……)

You can understand that I couldn’t trust them to be loose in the car, they might have escaped!  So, you can imagine how pleased they were to be let out of the bag

They were very anxious to look at the hotel room and see their surroundings

They even posed for a shot

They preferred the view outside, though

even though they weren’t really tall enough to enjoy it properly

Taking charge of the TV control was no effort, though, and before long they were channel flicking.  It’s ironic that they chose to watch this one for the longest…..  read on!

Yes, the day had arrived for my next visit to the TV studios.  Now the fact that it is a shopping channel may not really qualify for the title of TV as far as some of you are concerned, but I have to say that the boys and girls in charge of the programmes are lovely, and I hoped that they would welcome the Things with open arms.  Sure enough, they were allowed on set, but not just on set – they were allowed to make their debut!

Just being part of the scenery was not good enough for them, of course, slowly they worked their way onto the table….  If you look closely you can just see them

I think they hoped for a closeup!

And lo and behold!  Ellis obliged!  Look at those faces – they were in heaven!

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.  Today is a very special birthday for someone, and it’s just possible that they may make their way to a birthday party tomorrow night.  I have warned them, though….


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