I should have known better…..

You know that we have visitors at the moment.  I should have known that it would be dangerous to invite them to a dyer’s house.


This was the view that greeted me this morning.

Somehow, those feet look very pleased with themselves.

and judging by this photograph it wasn’t just the feet that were having fun

I don’t usually mix threads and viscose in the same container, but I made a mistake of doing so, and guess what…..

I really should have known better

They love the garden, though

I’ve discovered that they see it as a means of escape.  But why?

Well, I should have guessed something was up when I found them playing with the beads

but that did not prepare me for what followed after their trip over the hedge.

  They had hoped to ask our neighbour to teach them the dance of the seven veils!

7 thoughts on “I should have known better…..

  1. Oh, you impish THINGS!!!!!! (But a secret thanks to you because we got to see so many beautiful colors and fabulous decorative stuff!)


  2. Thanks for the peek into what’s going on! It looks like your visitors are having a wonderful time, and it sounds like they are having almost as much fun as they had in the book. I hope you have a “Z” to clean up after them.
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