I don’t like to use the word ‘mayhem’, but….

On Saturday we were asked to babysit while our son and daughter-in-law went out to help a friend celebrate a milestone birthday.  Of course we said ‘yes’.  We arrived to find the grandchildren already in bed and asleep, so although we had taken Thing 1 and Thing 2 with us, ‘now’ was not the time for introductions.

We had expected a quiet evening.  Things, however, had other intentions.  I didn’t get a moment’s rest as you will see from the following pictures.

First, they found a pair of birthday shoes

They argued over who should wear them, but in the end they opted for one each.

Thing 2 soon found another distraction, though and went off on a harem scarem ride.

Of course, all that just made them hungry, they were found in the fruit bowl as you can see.

Sadly that was only a short distance away from this.  They didn’t seem to mind the sharp points, but I was really worried that they would hurt themselves, so I took them away to watch TV.  Now all was peaceful.

Then I realised that all was just a little too peaceful!  I WAS HORRIFIED AT WHAT I SAW

I thought this was bad enough, but…..

…. noise from the other side of the kitchen did not prepare me for what I found.  The bottle was empty, and I think that every picture tells a suitable story!

They were housebound yesterday, sleeping it off.  I have no idea who has set them such a bad example, but I hope they can contain their urges a little better over the coming days.

16 thoughts on “I don’t like to use the word ‘mayhem’, but….

  1. How very creative you are! My mother used to take stuffed animals and take pictures and write stories for her grandchildren who were not near by. She would read the stories on tape, with some sort of chime to tell the child when to turn the page. It was wonderful to have her be able to “read” to my children. It is especially poignant now, because I have recordings of her voice and she is no longer able to talk.


  2. My goodness, Mayhem is right! Those two certainly have a knack for finding trouble. Hope you were able to sleep in after such a stressful evening! (And I hope you also had a good hangover remedy for the little mischief-makers the next morning….)


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