Goodness, what have I let myself in for?

For various reasons I’m having to take things a little easier than usual.  Last week was not good, but this week promises to be better.  Today we  travelled across Salisbury Plain, it was an unpromising start, patches of thick fog which came suddenly.  Fortunately, towards the end of the journey, it began to lift and there was the promise of something better.

This was taken almost at our destination.  We were able to stop at the side of the road, so not a moving car shot, which is usually the sum total of my pictures on this particular journey.

The day went well.  At least, until we got home.  On arrival our eyes were drawn to this

Now, it may not seem much of a problem to you, but this morning when we left the space was firmly occupied by a door bell.  Now, however,

the said bell languished sadly on the doorstep.  What could have happened?

Behind the door was a stack of mail, dutifully delivered by our current postman (I say current because he is soon to move on and we will be left postmanless again).  In fact, the postman had even left us a personal note

At least we knew what had happened…….

There were a number of letters and packets, but one of them was a little chunkier than the others, and I was intrigued, especially as the postmark showed it had travelled from Zurich

I tried to open it carefully,

Two blue heads quickly popped out, and Thing One and Thing Two anncounced their arrival.

They are here for a holiday, having been despatched originally from deepest Canada.  Some of their past antics can be discovered here and here.  They were delighted to be in the UK and began to create mayhem almost immediately (I’m sure they must have been to blame for the bell incident)

They were eager to get ‘in’ on the action when I tried to edit the above photograph

and insisted on starring in this one.  I tried to explain the dangers of backlighting, but they were too excited to hear.

What HAVE I let myself in for?

……… Watch this space.

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  1. I LOVE Thing 1 and Thing 2! I used to read The Cat in the Hat to my boys when they were kids. Now I read it to my grandchildren. How will the house survive without the Fish??!


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