This amused me

I’ve told you before that I usually make my own bread, so when I saw this I was a little amused.

I remember being offered some of this product in it’s previous form.  I remember that the general consensus of opinion was that it had no taste whatsoever.  One remark was that it tasted like cardboard, but as I have never eaten cardboard I can neither agree with or contradict that statement.  Maybe a better packaging would be to claim ‘Now WITH taste! (presuming that it has some).  Unless, of course, it now tastes like corrugated cardboard….  (I’ve never tried that either)

6 thoughts on “This amused me

  1. Impressed that you make your own bread! I haven’t found a bread product either that tastes like anything except the faintest hints of yeast and sugar … are you going to try it out?


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