Running hither and thither

It’s been a busy few days.  There are times when it seems as though our feet don’t touch the ground, and that’s certainly how I’ve been.  I’m getting by on very little sleep which isn’t a good thing, but hopefully it will be better by the weekend.  Medical appointments have had to be fitted in with everything else, so ‘free’ time has been sparse.

I started a dye sequence for an order very early yesterday morning (those of you that follow my other blog will have seen them already).  I couldn’t sleep so found myself rinsing it well into the early hours.   It is all just about dry now, this is part of what I did.

I dyed far more than were needed for the order, so the rest will be off with us next time we are out with our little shop.  I also included this combination that has now been listed on Etsy.

These colours are perfect for the sea.

I’m sure I’ll sleep tonight.  Certainly hope I do as we have another busy day tomorrow…….  if not – well, I’ll just wind and twist the rest of the threads ready for sale.  That, believe it or not, is surprisingly relaxing!

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4 thoughts on “Running hither and thither

  1. How very lovely! My first fave was the pinks – predictable for me – but when I really looked at the blues and thought about the sea, the potential to create with those colours is amazing.


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