The thoughtful gift.

Buying presents can be fun.  It is something I enjoy, if I have plenty of time.  Searching for the perfect gift can be time consuming, but, let’s face it, so much easier now that searches can be made online too.  A lot of thought should go into it – and especially if there are health issues of the individual to consider.

So, just out of curiosity, what would you give a diabetic?  I ask, not because I am one, but today I saw some of the gifts that were given to one………

Ferrer Rocher!  I’d say thank you for these, however I wouldn’t eat them.  The gold foil, though, is a wondrous thing when mixed with hot water soluble fabric and machine stitching……..

There’s more, though….

Oh dear!

Thankfully I don’t think we made any mistakes like that, but I’m curious.  What was the worst present you ever received – or gave….?

(More added to the Fly Stitch project today)

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7 thoughts on “The thoughtful gift.

  1. I received an odd gift from an aged aunt when I was about 11… It was made of flowery material with lace sewn on, and no-one had a clue what it was! Years later when shopping with mum one day we saw one in a shop – it was a hanging holder for two loo-rolls! I’ve no idea what happened to it, or what prompted said aunt to get it for an 11 year old!


  2. Oh yes I get that all the time from people who know I can’t eat sugar (allergic). This year there were several lots of jams and preserves given specifically to me which I can’t eat 😦 The worst gift bloop I’ve witnesses was given to my first boyfriend when I was 18 by my Aunt. We decided she didn’t think much of him when he carefully unwrapped a roll of sellotape still in it’s packaging… with the price tag still on!! No mistake though as when questioned she said she thought it would be useful.


  3. Hmmm…good question. A back massager bar seat cover from my husband, I think. Tantalisingly wrapped in a Selfridges bag.

    Love that sweet wrapper idea! The things you learn on this blog!


  4. I can’t remember ever receiving any really bad presents, but the best present that I’ve ever received was my camera.
    I’ll bet the gold foil looks beautiful stitched onto fabric. That’s a very good idea!


  5. I can’t think of any right now either. I am sure I must have given some bad ones a time or two. Oh yes I just remembered! Most people probably wouldn’t want to tell this but what the heck. A long time ago I took Prozac and it made me knit like there was no tomorrow. I am horrible knitter. So bascially it was all different sizes of squares and rectangles that were knitted together to make anything. My sister in law was having a baby shower so yep you guessed it, I went crazy with the needles. I knitted a box full of some crazy things for her. I think only one thing made any sense at all, a sweater. The rest were strange things such as a knitted pacifier string to clip onto the shirt. I think maybe a square cube to play with. The point is I made too many things and some of them really stretched the limits of being useful. Oh and for another baby shower I crochted a baby blanke the size of a full bedspread. Sure glad I stopped taking Prozac.


  6. Our 90+ neighbour had a habit of telling everyone that he loved chocolates. A lot of people thought well that is excellent because what can you give someone that age which has everything. The problem was when they gave him a slab or box of chocolate he would look disappointed at it and say oh I’ll give it to old Mrs Bradley at the old age home! When the people asked him “but don’t you enjoy chocolates?” He would reply “only white chocolate I am allergic to brown chocolate …” I never thought it possible that anyone would say no to chocolates but since my mom developed gout I now know that cocoa triggers gout so I don’t buy chocolates for her anymore 😦


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