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Sharon Boggon’s challenge begins tomorrow.  It isn’t too late to sign up if you would like to take part.  I’ve decided that I’ll ‘jog’ along with it as it will be good to have a little casual hand-stitching on hand to take around with me.  I’ve prepared a surface, and here it is, all ready for the first few stitches.  (You can follow the progress of this piece here)

I’ve prepared it by applying bits and pieces with the embellisher, and I have to admit that they have been very badly applied!  Students will tell you that I am always nagging them to properly integrate their elements, but I decided to just apply them lightly and further manipulate them with stitching.  Of course, the joke will come if this is totally unsuitable for the first exercise, but I’m sure it will be suitable for something in the end.  If you are taking part leave a comment and I’ll add you to the TAST page here.

There are creative challenges all over the internet at the moment.  I wonder how many will start with good intentions and fail miserable to complete it.  Well, I give you notice that I may be one of them with this challenge!  I’m not planning on giving up, but if I get too busy it will have to take a back seat.

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13 thoughts on “Take a Stitch

  1. Hi Myfanwy,
    I have signed up for TAST. not sure if I will keep up but I will try. (well she isn’t taking any more sign ups but I will follow along)
    Happy new year


  2. I love that you said I am sure it will be suitable for something in the end! When I made my butterfly shoe I was not happy with it at all. I had gone to a friend’s house to try my hand at these shoes and she made two quite lovely ones to my one. There were quite a few bits and pieces on mine that did not sit well with me. But after all of the embellishment I am over the moon in love with it so in the end all is well. That is how I like to craft.


    1. I’m very adaptable! If all else fails I’ll stick it back under the embellisher and convert it into a book cover! I’m not surprised you are pleased with your shoes, they are beautiful.


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