Now, who is that at the door?

Yesterday I read this post, and it struck a chord.

Over the years we have gone through spates of door to door salesmen.  Double glazing, solar panels, tree surgeons; all have knocked, and of course others too.  Fortunately our hall is such a shape that we can ignore calls like that, but not everyone is so lucky.

My mother had two neigbours, Bernie and Joan.  Bernie was a big strapping Welshman.  Formerly a member of the Military Police he still had the bearing of such even though he was now well into his 70’s.  He abhorred door to door salesmen of any description and had consequently evolved a system of getting rid of them in the shortest possible time.  We were visiting on one occasion when one called.  The conversation went something like this…

Salesman ‘Good morning sir, I notice you are in need of double glazing’

Bernie ‘I don’t want double glazing due to health issues’

Salesman ‘Really sir? That’s very interesting, what sort of health issues are those?’

Bernie ‘They’re your health issues.  If you don’t leave my property pronto you will have several that you didn’t expect’.

Word got around very quickly, and surprisingly enough he wasn’t bothered very often.  I’ve always thought I might try something similar, but so far I prefer the ‘glance down the hall and ignore’ approach!

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5 thoughts on “Rat-a-Tat-Tat

  1. Thanks for the mention. I’ll have to try that approach sometime. I’m fairly big and imposing, and could probably scare them away. That is except for the girl scouts. They can still show up.


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