All’s Well that Ends Well!

Imagine the scene.

It’s the morning of Boxing Day.  We overslept, and there is food to prepare. I don’t do panic!  However, time really was running out and I couldn’t even remember what I was supposed to be preparing……

I’m not usually so vague, but it was the desserts that confused me.  You see, I was planning on doing something different, so I’d brought some ingredients, but now, in my haste, I couldn’t remember which was for what!  No recipe, it was all ‘in my head’, and that was the saving grace, because no-one expected anything specific.


Cherries were prepared, biscuits crushed, oranges peeled, oatmeal mixed with this and that.  Chocolate was melted, sugar added in suitable proportions (just a very little), a few more ingredients whisked and chopped and hey presto, two new dishes made their appearance.

Fortunately all was well.  They tasted good, but……

Just as the first guest put a spoonful into their mouth I remembered what I was actually going to do!  Guess what – I’ve written down the old new and the new new recipes, so I won’t be making the same mistake again.  I did forget one thing, though, and that was to take any photographs.  Who knows when I’ll make them again, we aren’t really a dessert family, however, I’ll make a point of taking a picture, and then I’ll share the recipe with you.

(But please don’t hold  your breath because it won’t be this week!)

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4 thoughts on “All’s Well that Ends Well!

  1. Did a similar thing, had the ingredients, had seen the demonstration and a photo (2 days before) then I tried to adapt by replacing a mix of mascarpone and Creme Fraiche instead of whipping cream which I dislike. This all by memory. All went well but the chocolate curls kept melting and wouldn’t curl. I also forgot to put in the satsuma pieces. No one seemed to mind and it all went down much better than Christmas pudding which non of us can cope with on Christmas Day. I must write the recipe down as well I know I’ll forget what I did.


  2. I can understand you oversleeping on Boxing Day- I think Christmas Day is so exhausting! I bet the puds were delicious. Glad it all worked out well in the end:)


  3. Good for you that you had it all in your head! I like desserts … if somebody else makes them.
    I’ve been up too early (!) every day of this holiday so I’m still tired..


  4. How very teasy of you when it sounds delicious!
    I don’t often use recipes thinks just happen. I don’t eat meat and hadn’t decided what I’d have for Christmas dinner until the day before when I just decided to play with some sweet potatoes, brie , peppers and caramelized onions – result!


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