Doh ra mi!

Learning to play an instument is something that requires dedication, and a lot of tolerance on behalf of other members of the family.  I was about 5 when I began my lessons on the pianoforte, and the early days are just a blur.  I don’t remember what I learnt, I don’t remember how often I had lessons or on which day of the week, but I do remember my first piano teacher.

Mrs Dudeney lived in a house a short walk from where we lived.  She was old.  She must have been at least 50, and at 5 that is very old!  She was always beautifully dressed.  Silk dresses at calf length, lace collars, silk scarf suitably draped over her shoulder and always a lace handkerchief.

Oh yes, always a lace handkerchief.

A lace handkerchief safely stashed.

A lace handkerchief safely stashed up the left leg of her shiny pink directoire bloomers.

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  2. We had a piano when I was a child but I was never taught to play. I have been in the pub, well oiled in the early hours and attempt to play Toccata and Fugue on pub piano; unsuccessfully. If it was really quiet I had a go at Chopin’s funeral march! 🙂


  3. I’m smiling now. That’s a cute, funny story! But, I would NOT want to ever borrow Mrs Dudeney’s lace handkerchief.


  4. Lovely story!

    Growing up, I never had the opportunity to learn an instrument and am in awe of people who have such talents. I always thought of myself as ‘lacking’ until I realized I have the gift of communication. I can write, I can speak, I can interact.

    And I get to chat with you across the miles!


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