Christmas is coming, the goose….

…. it’s OK, this isn’t a post about nursery rhymes, or geese, but it is a Christmas memory.

Before the war my mother worked for a stockbroker.  She had two friends there, Jessica and Marion.  They became lifelong friends, even though they were over 20 years older than she was.  Mum was called up into the ATS and she spent a long time listening in and intercepting German messages via morse code.  During this time she corresponded with her friends, and after the war they attended her wedding to my father and eventually became two of my godmothers.

They both lived near to each other, but a long way from us.  We only saw them once or twice a year, but they were definitely a part of our family.  Every Christmas they would each send a card, and inside a postal order for me and another for my brother.  One year was different, however, there were TWO cards from Auntie Marion..

The three friends wrote regularly, so they had been told that I had now started to take piano lessons.  (That’s another story, come back tomorrow to hear that one).  (This photo was taken much later than the memory I’m sharing)

Auntie Marion had remembered this, and now sent me a special card.  On the front was a nativity scene,  and inside a little scripture with her signature.  The best bit, however, better even than the postal order that was included, was that the card opened up again to reveal the music and words of a carol!  I spent the next days learning to play it, and it has remained one of my favourites.  Which one is it?  ‘Hark, the Herald Angels sing’ and I was reminded of this story when I read this post yesterday.

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15 thoughts on “Christmas is coming, the goose….

  1. Lots of reminiscing – I always wanted to have piano lessons but Dad wouldn’t have one in the house as he was forced to learn when young. He was actually a very good fiddle player (playing by ear, without music) but his instrument spent many years in the loft – shame!


  2. A beautiful story to remind us what Christmas is truly about. I always find the song, “Hark The Herald Angels Sing, ” glorious and heavenly. Thank you for sharing a Christmas Story that is pure and full of warmth. Merry Christmas and best wishes to your family.


  3. This reminded me of books from Sunday school, I think we won them. My sister definitely won hers because it had the music as well as the words to carols in. We appreciated little things like that; mainly because we could make money from them carol singing at Christmas! The carol singing trips in the snow were quite Victorian; kept warm by porridge!


  4. Looking forward to hearing you play ‘Hark, the Herald Angels sing’. How about turning on SoundCloud or something else and recording a verse or two while tickling the ivories. Or whistling! 😉


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