Time for Lunch?

Our winter lunch is usually a bowl of hot homemade soup.  It is warming, and a good way to consume extra healthy vegetables.  Occasionally, though, I will offer my other half his favourite – cheese on toast.  I make my own variation of Welsh Rarebit, and it is tasty, but not as healthy as soup.

We have two friends.  To preserve their anonimity I will call them Karl and Carla!  Karl is a very intelligent, hardworking, high flyer.  Carla is similar, but Carla also cooks.  Carla cooks well, so Karl has never learnt.  Recently Carla had to undergo a stay in hospital and an operation, of course, this meant that Karl needed to be ‘catered for’ during this period.  The freezer was suitably stocked with enough meals to feed an army, and Karl was on strict instructions to remove from the freezer tonight, that which he intended to eat tomorrow.  Directions were clearly marked on each serving, so for this period of time the microwave was to work overtime.

All went swimmingly until the night before Carla’s discharge.  Having mastered the realm of microwave Karl realised that there was ‘nothing’ to this cooking lark.  His last night of freedom in the kitchen would be to produce a piece of culinary expertise.  He had a yearning for cheese on  toast, and nothing would stop him now.  Cookery books were removed from shelves, recipes for moules mariniere, beef wellington and jalfrezi chicken were ignored, fingers flicked from page to page, earnestly looking for the recipe he desired.  Suddenly he had a light bulb moment!  Yes!  Of course!  Now he knew what to do.

Very carefully he took two slices of bread and buttered them on both sides.  With extreme exactitude he sliced Cheddar cheese, just enough to cover both said slices of bread.  Arranging them on top he hit upon the piece de resistance, and lovingly spread mustard over the whole.

With equal care he laid the toaster on its side and carefully slid each slice into its individual slot.  He pushed the on button and……….


The whole thing exploded!

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12 thoughts on “Time for Lunch?

  1. I’m not that bad. I do forget to get things out of the freezer to thaw in time to cook the next meal though. I’m having cheap egg and chips for dinner and then tomorrow I can have a gourmet salmon and prawn salad! I’m shopping at Lidl tomorrow to save a little money and maybe Aldi too. I don;t make special journeys but might be passing both supermarkets. My blog today was a little more rambling; but those blogs are popular! An editor told me I wondered off the subject once!


  2. I’m smiling right now. 😀 Reminds me of the time, not too long ago, when I went to toast a bagle for my husband and a very small, metal car popped up along with the bagle. At least my grandson has a good excuse… for now. He’s two years old. Great post! You told the story so well that I could visualize the whole scenario.


  3. Amusing story, well told…reminded me of when I microwaved a boiled egg without piercing same and when I bit into it the thing exploded in my mouth, up my nose and down my throat. The ER doctors laughed so hard they could barely tend to my burns!

    My favorite meal is tomato soup with cheese toast….no eggs anymore.


  4. What a cute story about making grilled sandwiches! Nothing to it!

    Like you – I love soup and prefer to have that as my main meal! Mmmm! I just made a delicious batch of chicken tortilla soup! Yum…


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