The final month, and a question

Yes, December is here!  That means eleven down and one to go – of blogging, I mean.  Today I have a question.

Does anyone have a Flip video?  Any observations?  I want a small, easy to operate, video that I can put onto a tripod.  There may be something else out there, but ease and speed of operation with reasonable results is what is required.  It is for use during workshops, so I don’t want to have to spend hours setting anything up – it must be for spontaneous use.

All comments greatly appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “The final month, and a question

  1. Yes, I have a Flip video and i love it, I got mine when they first came out…. reminds me i must get it ready to use at Christmas too.
    There are programmes available to join up lengths of video into one longer one too.
    I also have a video facility on my digital camera which also does a good job.


  2. I don’t have one but if you’re making videos I like Muvee reveal. I stitch together stills and video clips to make videos and then add background music. People are usually impressed with them.


  3. Felix has one. He said it was simple to use, and downloading is just a matter of sticking it into the side of the computer in a port. He said be sure to get one with enough play time: some can only take short videos of a couple of minutes- he says he has Flip Minnow Plus – does that make any sense- and that records longer stints.
    (Yes, he’s eight)


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