Sunday Morning Walk

The sky was blue, and so was the water.  We couldn’t resist a walk to the pond.  It’s really a nature reserve, and has a history all of its own.

It was lovely – except for the cyclists who were far too aggressive.   Such a shame.

There have recently been some improvements and you can read about them on this blog

Just Snaps (where you will also find another photograph of the pond)

365 Days of Colour (colours not to be missed today)

It’s Just a Journal

6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Walk

  1. It looks like the one I went to yesterday. I went to three actually, one in the morning and two in the afternoon. I was going on to another to try to photograph the sunset but the cold wind got to my bladder! I got some really good photographs and the Autumn colours in sunshine were good. I don’t mind cyclists, I don’t see many. It’s dogs that bug me, especially when they are off the lead or on very long one. Their owners are so inconsiderate.


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