You never know what you will find….

A quiet 10 minutes at Urchfont Manor, so I took a stroll through the grounds.  I usually make the same circuit, but today I decided to do something different.

I stayed within the confines of the Manor, but towards the perimeter I could see the village

Each year or so they have ‘ART in the GARDEN’, this year was no exception, and here is something that was left behind.


Surely it’s just an old tree trunk with insect boxes?

Don’t be surprised at what’s inside

You never know what you wil find 😆

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7 thoughts on “You never know what you will find….

  1. How very strange. They look like Easter Eggs well past munch-by date. Why there?

    Oh, why didn’t we know anything about Urchfont when we were doing the Avebury scene a couple of months ago? Less than 13 miles away *sigh*


    1. They are tiny ceramic bowls, partly filled with ceramic offerings which have been ‘topped up’ with nature. There are more drawers that are worth investigating. The grounds and nearby wood are always open. Open Day is once a year in July – otherwise it’s always there for an interesting course or three…..


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