The Green Room

This morning I discovered that my DH had taken a wobbly photo last week.  While I was ‘strutting my stuff’ on the TV he was quietly and patiently waiting in the green room, and playing with his camera.  It has all sorts of bells and whistles on it, and with nothing better to do, he was experimenting a little.  Well, most of the results were suitable deleted, but he discovered a lot, and a few were left.  The one below was taken by accident, or at least, while trying out the various zooms, and not aimed at the screen, hence the quality, but it if you squint carefully you can see a vision of blue – and that is me!
Which brings me to the ‘Green Room‘ !  As you can see, it isn’t!  Green, that is!  However, it was comfortable, and he spent 9 hours patiently waiting for me.  He met lots of lovely people, and didn’t fall asleep in front of the TV – which of course he would have done, if he had been at home!

The links below are both a bit rusty!  What a shame I didn’t have another in the theme to follow here…….

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