Line – Break

What’s the last thing you do before going on vacation or holiday?  We all have rituals and routines.  Doors and windows are locked and double-checked, milk deliveries cancelled etc, etc, you know the sort of things I mean.

Our neighbours recently went away on a sun-seeking trip.  There journey meant an early start from home, so their dog was taken to the kennels the day before, and the last load of washing included the dog blanket, which was hung on the line to dry.  Off they went, leaving us with damp and dismal weather, the dog blanket continued to hang wet and limp.  Then…. the weather changed!  The sun came out and it was dry and cheery!  The dog blanket flapped cheerily on the line, and it was all ready to be taken back inside ready for Maxwell’s return.


Forever fickle – the weather changed, fog arrived and flights into London Heathrow were delayed.  The return flight from said sunny resort was sidetracked to a venue much further north and the journey home took much longer than expected.  Tired and weary neighbours arrived home this morning at 11.00…….

…….. just 30 minutes after it started to rain……………………………………..


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