The best laid plans…..

The day was planned, lots to do.  It was mainly preparation for Wednesday, but unbeknown to me someone else had a plan too……

Unfortunately our freezer gave up the ghost when we had our power cuts the other day.  There is another one on the way, but when we presented with a large quantity of crab apples we knew that we couldn’t store them indefinitely.  I thought they would stay until the end of the week, but a very helpful DH decided that he would prepare them last night….

So, they too needed to included into the equation that was today.  I’ve been trying to convert them into jelly since first thing this morning.  I can’t count the interruptions I’ve had, but THE ARE NOW CONVERTED!

Phew!  We won’t be tasting it yet, but it looks the most glorious shade of pink.  I tried taking a photograph, but the steam got in the way……


3 thoughts on “The best laid plans…..

  1. John Lennon’s quote comes to mind: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” I hope everything sorts itself out Myfawny. On the other hand, I’ll bet the crab apple jelly is delicious!


  2. I wasted lots of apples this year because I couldn’t reach them. I think I’ll do some pruning this winter. It’s strange that your freezer packed up after a power cut. I hope you checked the fuse because sometimes after a power cut you can get a surge that can blow a fuse.

    I make plans but always change them. Plans a rough guide to me. When I’m out taking photographs I like to explore and find new places and interesting pictures. I got nice Autumn pictures last weekend.


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