One reason why I won’t be celebrating Halloween

There are a number of reasons why I won’t be celebrating the above in any shape or form, but the main reason is that the event I mentioned in this post here actually took place on 31st October.

The activities were so entirely demonic that our family wish to have no participation, ‘fun’ or not

7 thoughts on “One reason why I won’t be celebrating Halloween

  1. A courageous woman! I don’t know if I could ever forgive such horror as she did. Perhaps in her wisdom the message she sent is that forgiveness is the only route to healing the soul.


  2. I can really understand you not wishig to take part in Halloween, particularly in view of your previous post. I will be putting up a notice politely asking people not to knock on our door and we will spend a quiet family evening. There is too much darkness in this world already and I would rather ponder the good and the beautiful. I can’t bear seeing tiny little children dressed in gory costumes!

    I wish you and your family peace.x


  3. How horrible. I don’t celebrate Halloween either. My niece ran under an 18 wheeler, was decapitated and burned to death on October 31. Someone said to me, she would want you to go and have fun on Halloween but somehow I cannot do this.


  4. I don’t blame you Myfanwy. I wouldn’t celebrate Halloween either if something so horrible had happened to my mother on October 31. I’m so sorry that such a loathsome man hurt your mother.


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