15 thoughts on “Any of these bring back memories?

  1. Hi,

    You can embed a Youtube video in your blog. I did some in this blog –


    On YouTube click share and then the link, not the embed code and WordPress converts the link (url) to embed code. I think this is strange but I think it’s to stop us embedding code from Facebook video and other websites that may not be suitable.

    I hope that helps, the video was good! I remember long hair and flares. I remember jackets with no lapels and Beatle hair styles!


    1. MIke thanks, I’m trying again, that’s what I did, and it was there last night. By this morning it had gone – and nothing will bring it back. I’ll give it another go later in case it’s one of those ‘funny’ internet blips that sometimes occur. I’ve used videos before, I know it should work, but….

      Thanks so much for your reassurance.


  2. That’s a really cool video! In retrospect, everything I wore during the 1970s was a fashion disaster. Nowadays, I don’t even try to keep up with what’s in style.
    I do like those big, silky scarves that you wrap – or tie – around your neck though.


  3. When shirtwaist dresses with circular skirts were all the rage (1960) because it marked the era of the crinoline going flat to just below the hip line instead of flouncing from the waist. My major fashion disaster involved the draw string at the waist giving way during the other 60’s craze, the bunny hop! I was mortified, but the only think I could think to do was scoop up the wayward crinoline, tuck it under my arm, and bolt from the gymnasium where all school dancers were held.


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