How perfect!

I have so much catching up to do with my blogs!  I haven’t read some for a while, and commenting has been scarce too.  Apologies, I’ve been busy, and I suppose that’s good.  So today I decided to read two, including this one (which looks as though I need to still catch up a little more  to fully understand).  However, this picture took my eye and reminded me of a conversation long ago.

It was on my wedding day.  A good friend took me to one side and said ‘I’m going to give you the best advice of your life…..

….Throughout your life you will meet many people.  Some of them will have beautiful, perfectly manicured homes.  As soon as you discover this – drop them.  Their lives will be empty and they will have nothing to offer you except critiscism and guilt’

I’m not sure that I’ve followed her advice to the letter, but there is something empty about the absolutely perfect dwelling.  I don’t mean the houses that are clean and tidy, but those that are ‘show house’ perfect.

Don’t come and visit me if you expect the latter, by the way, just remember that creativity is formed of chaos……….

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12 thoughts on “How perfect!

  1. I try not to mess up my home than I don’t have to clean! I do have someone clean sometimes and have to put up with some criticism but I have a more interesting life!


  2. Sounds good to me. That is my attitude exactly. there are so many more important things to do instead. Blogging is only one thing I’d much rather be creating something beautiful or working in my garden.


  3. I have noticed that people with perfectly manicured homes tend to offer a lot of critiscism and guilt. So glad that you posted this article today! Now I don’t feel so bad about my messy house,


  4. I agree! I have noticed that people who wanted their homes to be perfect, spotless and perfectly organized and who moans even to the tiniest disarray– are those people who are so rigid and criticizes others a lot! I don’t mind at all if the house is a little bit messy here and there. 🙂 It’s the family living in it, their company, laughter and love that matters. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. I remember that one well… It is also generational because in my mother’s day, life was about cleaning, cooking, sewing, and maintaining a perfect home… It still exists in some circles but to a lesser degree; especially when both partners work. 🙂


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