A secret

How do you feel about a bowling green lawn?  I don’t know about you, but the do say quite loudly ‘KEEP OFF, YOU AREN’T WELCOME’.  A ‘lawn’ that has weeds and moss invites you to walk on it, and for children to play happy games.  Families can sit and enjoy the sun, picnic and rest.  Not so with perfection.  Recently we discovered such a lawn.  The owner of the property was tending his price patch, and, I kid you not, he was doing it with nail scissors.  Since that day we have passed it on a regular basis, and I have to say that the poor man has problems.

I want you to imaging a rose bush.  The flowers are beautiful, but guess what!  The petals fall…….

Imagine a nearby tree in autumn – a flurry of wind…..!  The leaves float and fall.

Under these circumstances you must stand guard at your window.  Each petal must be removed as it falls to the ground, each leaf must be removed to the compost !  If not……………….!   What on earth will happen if they are allowed to settle?

With such a guardian of the lawn it was impossible to take a proper photograph, but one day I will.  This is the best I can do, but look at the precision of the border

I don’t find it in the least intimidating.  I prefer my garden to be less exact and more intimate.  I’m looking forward to seeing if daffodils appear in springtime.  If they do, I hope they stand up straight…………………….

Finally, please can I ask you to take a look here if you missed yesterday’s post, I’m searchinf for an answer.

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5 thoughts on “A secret

  1. My front lawn is tiny and has hardly any grass left because my boys play football on it- don’t ask me what the attraction is, all their friends come and play too, even thogh the back lawn is bigger! I wouldn’t have it any other way- I can have posh grass after they have all left home:)


  2. He’d go crazy here … we have a dozen trees in the lawn, all dropping their leaves, which are ankle deep and delicious to shuffle through or watch the wind make them dance. We’ve learned from experience to wait until every last leaf has fallen and only then to bag them up or it’s a never ending job. Do you think he would be out there every day picking up every leaf? Sounds like it.


  3. Once had a neighbor like this. He and his both died. The house was moved off the lot to another location and a new house was put there in its place with another perfect lawn kept up by a lawn company. At least these owners play golf!


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