A conundrum

Maybe that isn’t the best of titles, but it did get your attention didn’t it!  Today I doing a sort of duplicate post.  I’m posting a picture on my photography blog, and also putting it here.

I have a feeling that everyone in the world knows what this is – except me!  And I want to know!!  So, if you have any idea as to the history of such an object PLEASE get in touch.  It has a brooch back and is about 2 inches long (approx 5cm).  I don’t have it in front of me, so these are both approximations.


Today’s photograph

Today’s colour fix

12 thoughts on “A conundrum

  1. Maybe it got something to do with mountainclimbing? It looks something like an axe climbers use to get up icy mountains.

    (offtopic: I see you got your mailsettings figured out. People now have to click to read the entire post 🙂 well done)


  2. Hmmm… It is a brooch, right? It reminds me of a ship’s anchor… and with the winding rope like bit around the piece, it might be an anchor. Just my guess. 🙂


  3. Well it looks like a miner’s pick axe or a railroad adze to me, just like the ones in Snow White, the rope wrapped round it could be climbing related. The bird looks like a phoenix to me. I Googled but couldn’t find anything like it. Could it have been made for a mining community, guild or some such? This type of badge was very common so that members of a community could recognise one another. eg military badges.


  4. Okay my tuppence worth – without going and checking (‘cos son is waiting for laptop) the bird looks like the bird on the old Polish flag. I have a military button with a very similar bird on it (not US so I do mean button as in used to fasten clothes). Will look later and let you know tomorrow – hopefully.


  5. I think it’s an ice pick and climbing rope, and the crest reminds me of Austria or Bavaria: maybe the brooch is a souvenir of an alpine holiday somewhere in that neck of the woods?


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