Oh, it’s just a headache

The last several days have been grim.  I’ve had a migraine.  In fact, at times I couldn’t even stand up because my visual disturbance was so bad.  It was very unpleasant, but nothing to worry about as it followed a usual pattern.  Thankfully I don’t get them very often now, and it’s just a question of riding the storm, but that doesn’t make it pleasant.  It’s at times like these that I’m grateful for a stack of scheduled posts……

During a time like this sights and smells are very important.  I literally do feel as though I could hear a pin drop on the other side of town, and smells that could normally be just a part of everyday life become intolerable.

So it was this time.  Occasional wafts from the kitchen, as my DH fended for himself, created unpleasant feelings of nausea and intensifid the headache.  Eating was unthinkable, and I couldn’t manage anything to drink other than water.  Even the smell of tea and coffee was enough, however, the source of the smell that was worst of all eluded me, but kept passing down the corridor in waves.

During this period my DH had gone shopping, no list, just a trip to the Supermarket to fill the trolley.  Of course, he wasn’t suffering, so he had no idea how I would react to anything.  Not only did he stock up on food, but he also bought cleaning supplies and other essentials.  Always keen to spot a bargain he had bought items that I wouldn’t normally consider, for a variety of reasons.  It was one of these that was causing me a problem.  A special offer on ‘Cif’ meant that he had not only bought one, but two large containers of the stuff.  It was a while before I could ‘place’ the smell.  I don’t remember when I last purchased it as I know it provokes that kind of headache.

I’ve passed the bottles on, now.  I’m not taking the risk in the near future.  Hopefully the migraine is on the way out now, although I’m still somewhat ‘delicate’.  Might even feel up to eating later, so that’s a good sign…….

Thanks for popping in while I haven’t been here.  And look, you didn’t even miss me….. thanks……… to scheduled posts!

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6 thoughts on “Oh, it’s just a headache

  1. likewise, I do feel for you, there is nothing you can do but shut yourself away in a darkened room and try and sleep. I think it’s the body’s way of telling you something.


  2. Had about two of those headaches in my twenties and thankfully they went away. My best to you…mine were horrible.

    Scheduled post…I’ll have to look into that. How did it know to post about your headache?


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