Thursday Theme – Thankful

At the end of last year I embarked upon a list of things for which I am thankful.  It was quite a sobering experience, not something I wish to repeat for this post.  I decided that I wanted this post to be somewhere between the serious and frivolous.  I could have shown you a photograph of my slippers, or, indeed, of my early morning coffee, but as the batteries were almost out on the camera, and the resulting photographs not worthy of such an important blog…….  😉

So, here it is, a photograph of something for which I am eternally grateful each and every day…..

It’s the humble ‘OFF‘ button  😀

(And I’m sure you can find a few things to say about the quality of this photo too…  I promise I’ll try harder next week, in the meantime you can also find a couple more of mine here and here)

28 thoughts on “Thursday Theme – Thankful

  1. Oh my goodness, I so agree! When I met my Big Man he had a habit of walking in to the house and turning the TV on regardless of whether he intended to watch it or not. He put this down to living alone. Gradually I am “training” him to enjoy music, or silence or just listening to the sounds of the countryside around us…bliss!


  2. What a wonderfull entry for this weeks challenge……………

    The off-button ….wich is sadly missed on many things / ocassions in life….

    I totaly agree with you in this choice 😉


  3. Good one! I don’t have the TV on in my household all that much. The ads can really BLAST AT YOU and then the programmes can just go on and on…


  4. O I so agree with what Melody says. An off-button on so many other things would be nice! 🙂 On my 2 sons (age 17 and 14) for example… 😉


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